Jie Xu




Xu Jie was born in 1962 in Shanghai. Her father loved art, so she fell in love with painting in such an environment. In the early 1980s, she was admitted to the painting class of the Shanghai Fine Arts School, where known as the best art school in Shanghai. After graduating, she continued her studies and graduated from the oil painting major of the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University. Studying at the university gave Xu Jie a solid foundation of painting, but at this time she was no longer satisfied with merely expressing reality. A "utopia world" often appeared in her mind.

In the process of continuous refinement and improvement, a brand new theme, "Chinese Boys and Girls", jumped on the canvas. At this time, she created the oil painting series of Xu Jie's Chinese Boys and Girls. Chinese Boys and Girls is the most important series of Xu Jie's work. Every boy or girl with flushed cheeks and simple wearings she depicts is delivering a message of utopia and a world she creates. In her imagination, there is a pure and remote place, and children live on this land. They have simple, quiet and carefree life; they also enjoy everything nature has given to them. Xu Jie uses heavy color and strong contrast to present the children in her memories on the canvas.

Xu Jie’s works have been exhibited in Shanghai, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States and many other places. The collectors of her works have spread to more than 30 countries and regions, and are especially favored by French, Italian, American, German, Swiss and other countries and envoys in China.